Cymraeg: Welsh Government
Identity, Design, Art direction

For years, the Welsh language has been promoted by multiple organisations to ensure it thrives in our communities and for future generations. Over time this has resulted in more and more brands, campaigns and messages being created causing confusion and lacking focus and direction. ‘Cymraeg’ was created with the intention of sharing one unified brand to promote Welsh language activities, events and services within our communities. Its objective was to reinforce the message that it is possible to use the language in every aspect of our lives, to live, learn and enjoy.
        Our solution for the identity is a graphic interpretation of a spoken word. It is our voice — confident, clear and spoken through the medium of Welsh. A unified voice, it encourages, promotes and celebrates the language. A kit of parts was developed for the brand including illustrations for younger age groups, a library of brand photography as well as a modified typeface ‘Cymraeg’ which was made available for partner organisations wishing to promote the language. The brand now represents a strong, united voice and provides an opportunity to ensure that audiences see continuity in the work in promoting the language.

Photography: Patrick Harrison / Illustration: Dicky Bird.