National Assembly for Wales
Brand, Design, Copywriting, Art direction

The National Assembly for Wales is the democratically elected body that represents the interests of Wales and its people, makes laws for Wales and holds the Welsh Government to account.
        With an identity already employed, it lacked a sense of unity or coherence on materials and publications with an over reliance on the use of the logo in various crops and sizes. To bring it all together and create a better sense of connection, we established a kit of parts which included the ‘Cynulliad’ typeface, a library of brand photography, a versatile colour palette inspired by the landscape and people of Wales as well as a flexible block device. The block provided flexibility in how it could be utilised, but always providing a link between items. Bringing these ingredients together provided the Assembly with a fluid and dynamic approach, conveying a distinctly modern and forward looking organisation.

Photography: Marcus Ginns / Typeface: Dalton Maag